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Operations & Maintenance Support

Allow our staff to bring over 100 years expertise operating and maintaining the infrastructure systems that comprise your facility.  We can help you benchmark / evaluate, audit, implement, outsource or operate your FM operation.  The foundation to our approach to operations and maintenance is defining a scope or service levels that:

- Adhere to industry and regulatory standards

- Meet your fiscal budget

- Align with organizational risk management levels.


We can assist with the following systems:

CMMS Systems: 

System evaluation, setup, training, optimization.  THORNRIDGE has deep experience with SAP-PM, Maximo, AIM, CHAMPS, School Dude, and many other modern CMMS systems.  If you need help selecting a CMMS system to buy, implement, or improve functionality we have you covered.  


Any and all things from integrating a work management process with CMMS system to populating equipment / asset information THORNRIDGE can help you through the process! If we don’t have the staff with experience, we can bring in one of our trusted providers.

Work Management (Preventative Maintenance and TPM Programs) Systems

A solid condition or reliability-based maintenance program is at the core of an effective maintenance program.  Let our expert staff help you setup a program that will enable you to get out of the “fire fighting” mode that many facilities management and maintenance departments find themselves operating in.  We have expertise in procuring, implementing, and training at all levels (department or enterprise) on most CMMS systems such as but not limited to:  SAP-PM, Maximo, AIMS, and CHAMPS.  Our team has experience with both SAP-PM and Maximo at maintenance organizations that have over thousands employees and budgets that exceed $250M.

Power and Electrical Systems:

Medium voltage maintenance and testing, thermography, metering, and training.  Our staff has experience with all equipment found in power systems from 120v to 115kV.  This includes switchgear, Motor Control Centers (MCC), low and medium voltage cabling, motors from fractional horsepower to over 1000 horsepower motors that drive power fans, pumps, chillers, and other equipment in a facility. We also have experience setting up and troubleshooting most Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for AC and DC systems including Avatron, Allen Bradley, GE, Toshiba, and many more. Thornridge also offers precision alignment service for your motor/coupling sets using one of the industry best alignment systems, Pruftechnik UltraiS, that our staff is trained on annually.

Generators (emergency or backup): 

No matter if you have a 20kw natural gas unit, a 1.5MW diesel generator set, to a 6.5MW CHP turbine Thornridge has you covered ensuring the genset and transfer switch is installed and operating properly and if the automatic transfer switch service life safety equipment we will help to ensure that you are meeting the NFPA 110 requirements from a maintenance and operational perspective.  If you are a healthcare facility, we can also help you meet the NPFA 99 standards.


System evaluation, upgrades, training. Looking to upgrade your facility lighting systems?  Should you use LED or linear fluorescent? What has the best pay back?  Is it better to retrofit or replace the fixtures?  What strategy should be used for re-lamping?  We had experience with all modern lighting and control systems from an analysis, procurement, installation, and maintenance perspective.  

HVAC and Building Automation: 

Do you have problems with the 7.5-ton rooftop air conditioning unit or the 500-ton centrifugal chiller?  Is your maintenance and asset management program best in class and does it meet the ASHRAE and OSHA standards? What about your building automation system (BAS)?  Is your BAS supplier taking advantage of you?  Do you have the setpoint and setbacks optimized for energy efficiency and to maximize equipment life?  How about that cooling tower and chiller water loop....when was the last time you cleaned them and checked the water chemistry? 

Building Envelope:

Do you have a plan for inspecting, repairing, and replacing the roofing systems in your facilities? How about the windows and doors?  It’s generally not recommended to have the company selling the part or service to provide advice on replacement needs and budgeting.  That is where Thornridge comes in as your independent trusted advisor.

Cranes, lifts (scissors and boom), hoists, elevators, and overhead doors: 

Is your overhead crane program compliant with OHSA and ANSI B30.2? How about the slings, hoists, and under the hook lifting devices?  Does your current maintenance and training program meet the requirements of OHSA and the referenced ANSI B30 standards?  We can help with all of these items along with asset evaluation, capital planning, maintenance or standard scope development, and procurement.  

Fire Suppression and Alarm System: 

Is your wet or dry fire suppression system being maintained in compliance with NFPA 25?  How about your alarm system?  Does the approach you or your contractor maintaining these systems meet NFPA 72 requirements?   We can help you self-perform (including obtaining licensing) or develop a scope of work and RFP to meet regulatory or internal policy demands at the best value. suppression system being maintained in compliance with NFPA 25?  How about your alarm system?  Does the approach you or your contractor are applying to maintain these systems meet NFPA 72 requirements?   We can help you self-perform (including obtaining licensing) or develop a scope of work and RFP to meet regulatory or internal policy demands at the best value. 

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