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Energy is one of the highest and most overlooked reoccurring costs that a facility can experience. Unfortunately, the energy service industry is also one of the most predatory in facilities management.  Do you know what your broker is charging for helping you buy your gas or electricity?  How many times have you heard, it’s free or the utility company pays for our service?  The truth of the matter is simple YOU pay for their services and often for the duration of the supply contract. Many facilities managers are not aware of how much or that they are padding the wallets of marketers and brokers.

Thornridge provides expertise to help your organization realize the best value that is aligned with your company’s strategy for energy.  Many companies today are looking for cost or budget certainty, put a high value on sustainability, where some prefer to take a risk to achieve the lowest cost.  

We can also help with energy audits and assessments to determine what equipment or behaviors and use of your building is driving your energy usage and costs.   Again, when needed we partner with the best energy savings companies on in the market.


If you require temporary or permanent energy metering we have the equipment and expertise to help you achieve your goals. We have experience installing, configuring, and training, with many manufactures hard and software such as Eaton’s Power Xpert, Schneider’s Power Management Expert, and many more! We handle any size project from one metering point to an enterprise cloud-based system complete with dashboards, kiosks, and wireless communication.

Demand Side Management: 

Advising for Electric and Natural Gas procurement, Utility Bill Management and systems, energy efficient rebates, demand response programs, power purchase agreements, and onsite generation.  Our expert staff has experience with procurement programs that have purchased over $250 million dollars of year of electricity and natural gas for our clients.  In addition, we also have experience implementing enterprise wide utility bill management systems with best in class partners such as EnergyCap.

Supply Side Management: 

Energy management and metering systems, building automation scheduling strategies, peak load shaving, energy efficiency planning, audits, and strategy, onsite generation, benchmarking, and greenhouse gas reporting.


THORNRIDGE can provide the guidance to develop and execute a behavioral and asset based sustainability program that enhances environmental stewardship while also optimizing financial performance and employee satisfaction.

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